Daisy’s plumber puzzle

You can play the game here: Daisy’s Plumber Puzzle

I worked on Daisy’s plumber puzzle while I was working at Tingly Games. It was a great project to work on as a designer. Our team was 3 people strong and included me as the designer, a programmer and an artist. I was responsible for the design of the game from the beginning of the project to the end. 

Tingly games already made a puzzle game like Daisy’s plumber puzzle before I joined but that game was never finished. I designed new features and mechanics and decided to remove some old mechanics that were frustrating to play with. I also made the level progression my priority, the player is introduced to more time pressure, bigger levels and more complex puzzles over time.

The game got very popular once it was released. Originally it released with 36 levels but more levels were added quite quickly because it was so popular.

I worked on:

  • Core Gameplay design
  • All additional features
  • Level progression and design
  • QA

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