10×10 Ice cream Adventure

Play the game here: 10×10 Ice cream Adventure

I made this game when I was working at Tingly games. Our team consisted of 2 programmers (Frederique Gerritsen, Michalis Froudarakis), an artist (Nicole Smit) and me as a designer. Since I was the only designer I was responsible for the complete design of 10×10 ice cream adventure. 

This was the first game made by Tingly that featured a world map. The idea was to expand this game or a next in the furture by adding social media so the player can invite friends and track their own progress visually. I proposed to have a different theme for every world (20 levels) and to hide locked worlds with clouds. The worlds hidden with clouds was inspired by strategy games (Age of Wonders) which often have a fog of war. I’ve always enjoyed discovering the world in strategy games by clearing the fog of war. It’s the enjoyment of discovery which is a lot of fun to many people.

I worked on:

  • Core game design
  • Juiciness design (feedback)
  • Level progression
  • Level design

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