Emma’s Dress-up Party

Check out the game here: Emma’s dress-up party

About: Emma’s dress-up party is an online dress-up game build in HTML5. Many dress-up games have a high virality but very poor retention. My intention with the design was to find a way to improve retention through design. I designed a system with locked items (and colors), daily challenges and rewarded video ads.

My contribution: I encountered a couple of challenges when designing this dress-up game. At first, I wanted to keep in mind the theory of choice overload (when there is too much to chose from, people don’t chose at all) but still give players enough freedom to keep discovering new combinations. The locked items system countered this problem very well. We unlocked a couple of items from most categories to make sure that a new player could still make lots of interesting combinations. The locked items can be unlocked with coins the player can earn with the daily challenges and rewarded video ads.
A second challenge with designing a dress-up game is overcoming the low retention rate of most dress-up games. My solution was to add different daily challenges and locked items. The player only got one daily dress-up (the daily challenge) every 20 hours. The locked items added to the idea that players would keep coming back if there was something new to discover each time they play.

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