About me

Fun and games:
I love games that I can just pick up and play: easy to get into yet hard to master; may it be casual games or 1 or 2 mechanics midcore games. I love games in which I can discover secret places and hidden backstories. Where most people play a game once or maybe twice, I’d play the game a third, fourth or fifth time just to discover all secrets, glitches, hidden places and earn all the achievements.

Why I love making games:
Games can be techincal, creative and sometimes even artistic. I love to solve the design problems that come with games, to make the design fit within the restrictions, so the game will fit the target audience.

I’ve worked as a game designer for CoolGames and Tingly games from September 2015 until September 2016. Right now I live in Uppsala, where I study the master’s of Human-Computer interaction. My bachelor’s is in International Game Development and Design in the variation of Indie Game Development which I completed in Juny 2015. Before IGAD, I took a gap year in Ireland to improve my English. As part of IGAD I did my internship at Triumph Studios as a design intern. I worked on Age of Wonders 3 and the latest DLC: Eternal Lords.

“I recommend Sita without reservations. I am confident that she will establish productive relationships with your staff and constituents.” Arnout Sas, Lead designer, Triumph Studios.

My Skills:
– Scripting: Intermediate/Advanced (C#, Java Android)
– Unity 3D: Intermediate/Advanced
– Game Balancing: Beginner/Intermediate
– Level Design: Intermediate
– Visual Design 2D: Intermediate (Illustrator, Photoshop)
– Visual Design 3D: Intermediate (Maya)
– English: Fluent (speech and writing)
– Dutch: Native (speech and writing)

Download my Resume here: Sita Vriend CV