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Based in Breda, Netherlands

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3th quarter 2017!

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You play as Dotty, a line on a quest to explore the entire world. Follow her on this journey and walk on each tile within a level. Dotty can only walk horizontal and vertical and always keeps walking until she hits an obstacle. She then has to decide a new direction in which she likes to go. She will only be happy if she has traveled over each tile on the grid. However, there is a catch! She can not travel the same tile twice and prefers traveling in a certain order.

Walk the Line features a unique mechanic unlike any other line puzzle game. Each level is carefully crafted and contains 3 stars which are placed on the grid and have to be taken in the correct order. It's not enough to just traverse over each tile, you will have to think about the order in which you are traversing as well!


the original Walk the Line was an graduation project created a very long time ago, back when it was called Togglers Story. The goal of Togglers Story was to create an entertaining and challanging puzzle game with depth. After graduation the game was put aside and some other things got priority such as food, roof, money, relationship, etc. After some years when I finally got my priorities in order again I decided to finish the game.


  • Complex puzzles! Put your sense of logic to the test and cleverly manipulate Dotty through the world.
  • Explore! Over 150 carefully crafted levels in which we slowly introduce new mechanics.
  • Hundreds of different board sizes. Not a single level is the same!
  • Clean and colorful graphics throughout the entire game.
  • Fun and musical sound effects.
  • Enjoy the game from various devices (including phones and tablets). Connect to Facebook and save your progress into the cloud!
  • Free to play!


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Tinker Entertainment
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Walk the Line
Official website of our debute game: Walk the Line tinker-entertainment.com.

About Tinker Entertainment

An small independent game studio located in the Netherlands. Tinkering games together.

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Walk the Line Credits

Thierry Staakman
Artist, Freelancer

Thierry Staakman
Programmer, Freelancer

Yohan Jager
Music, Freelancer

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