Walk the Line: First Look

The reason why I wanted to create Walk the Line is because I’m a sucker for puzzle games. I just love it when you don’t have to rush to find the correct solution. For the same reason I enjoy playing board games. Every week I organize a board-game-night at which we either play card games (Dominion, Arctic Scavengers, Dixit), role-playing games, etc. In the role-playing game Star Wars: Age of rebellion I’m currently playing a Tendariaan engineer. You probably know Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars. He is the one that said: “it’s a trap!”. He is a Tendariaan as well. In a weird way every obstacle you face in a role-playing game is a puzzle. It’s up to you to figure out what to do when facing a problem or how your character would behave in a certain situation.


Although there are many other types of games that I enjoy, for example adventure games, I decided to create a pure puzzle game. A game which you play while in the train or bus on your way to work. An interruptible experience which you can let go when you like. The game will feature several worlds were each world has a new mechanic, unique style and loads of puzzles. Anyway everything is still a work in progress so for now you will have to do with the screen shots. I’ll try to upload some video’s later this week explaining the gameplay.