Codemotion 2017 Amsterdam

Tinker Entertainment went to Codemotion! Lot’s of interesting talks about game design, AI, User experience design and some other technical bla bla’s. An old friend of mine, Roel Ezendam (One of the Founders of Ragesquid) had a talk about decisions in game development. This one hit me close to home.

It’s something you really underestimate when you’re an aspiring game designer. The amount of choices you have to make and how much time you spent making them. Beside this he raised another good point. This one is often stated but you only realizes its true once you start creating a game. “Creating a game is 20 percent of the work, finishing it is the other 80”. Well I can have the percentages wrong but it was something like that.

For Walk the Line I created the gameplay mechanics within a couple of weeks. But this is really only the core mechanics. After that you have to create a level editor, level select, scores, shop, introduction, guides, facebook integration, color randomizer, database integration and so much more. In fact I’ve programmed so much that I sometimes forget that I already programmed it.

I consider myself very lucky that I know how to do most of this stuff. If you don’t know how to do this you can get quite far through using Unity3d and the asset-store. It might still be tricky getting all those assets work together but it’s possible! And this is something you have to realize if you want to be an indy. It’s not about being able to think of a fun mechanic, it’s about being able to create a experience.